There’s “True Unhappiness” at the Palace Over William and Kate

The Queen is apparently “awkward” with Kate Middleton and Prince William’s new helicopter use.
In the midst of reaction over the imperial family’s spending, Royal columnist Richard Palmer tells The Express that “they are helpless in light of the fact that then you see photos of the Cambridge family flying up by helicopter. Well, I think they’ve been shortened with that a tad. I think the Queen felt, conviction spread the word, that she had an awkward outlook on the whole family going by helicopter. I think there was mostly a smidgen seriously happening in the background.”

“I think there was a smidgen of true misery about how much time that the Cambridges were spending going between Anmer Hall in Norfolk and Kensington Palace, their London home, utilizing helicopters,” Richard expounded. “Individuals in the Cambridges’ camp would agree really that didn’t occur regularly by any means. Others appeared to infer that it was going on somewhat more than the Queen believed it should work out.”

Clearly, the Queen too “spread the word that she was stressed over the Cambridges going as a family by helicopter in light of the chance of an accident” particularly since numerous main beneficiaries of the privileged position were voyaging together.
The Cambridges are going to move out of their Anmer Hall home and migrate to Windsor, so they’ll travel significantly less and probably will not be expecting to jump into a helicopter all that frequently any longer. So…problem addressed?